Lower Your Bills with Legacy Biz Solutions!

At Legacy Biz Solutions, Bill Saving  our Superpower is saving you money! In just a couple of clicks, you can put our team of bill negotiators to work to lower your monthly costs.

Did You know? American households and businesses are overpaying by $60 Billion every year for basic services. At Legacy Biz Solutions, we lower those fees and put the savings in your pocket! So, instead of spending hours online or on the phone trying to get a better deal, our smart technology and team of negotiators ensure you are not being overcharged. We work to reduce your bills so you can sit back and enjoy the savings! We offer 10 different ways to save, including:

What Bill Can i save on?

TV / Cabel


Mobile Phone

Bill Saving



Ready to save some money on these services?

Bill Negotiation

Three Significant Ways to Save….

1. Credit Card Merchant Processing fees – earn serious savings of up to 50% on monthly fees

2. Utility Charges – including Internet, Phone, Video Conferencing/Cloud Storage, Security, Electricity. We can also audit
past bills to find refunds & reductions

3. Advertising Fees – including web hosting, SEO services, agency retainers, and overpaying for media costs