Make health a priority to enhance your benefits program’s affordability and sustainability, while ensuring your employees receive the crucial benefits they need in today’s world.

The Future Of Benefits

Better Care. Quicker Access. Lowest Price

The current healthcare system is failing your employees. Lack of transparency, limited options, and reactive care keep them stuck in a cycle of frustration and rising costs.

Vital110 is here to disrupt.

We offer a revolutionary approach with:

Direct access to top-tier providers nationwide

Zero copays on key services

Plus, the NO-Cost Investment in Vital110 will empower your employees with the tools and resources they need to be healthy, happy, and conquer the future.

Level Up Your Benefits

Boost Your Bottom Line: This program is designed to save your company an estimated $500 per employee, annually. That translates to significant savings that can be reinvested in your business or passed on to employees through other initiatives.

Reduce Your Costs: This program is designed to
reduce costs in areas like worker’s compensation, health insurance, absenteeism, and disability claims.

Enhance Benefits: This program allows you to offer a more attractive benefits package without additional expenses. This can improve employee satisfaction, loyalty, and overall well-being.

Win-Win Solution: By implementing this program, you gain significant cost savings while offering your employees valuable benefits. It’s a win-win for both your company and your workforce.

We Work With Businesses Of All Sizes!

The Benefits Of Vital 110

A Continuous Care Monitoring and Management Program That Provides A Tailored Healthcare Experience For You & Your Family!

Virtual Primary & Urgent Care


In Person Urgent Care

Quest Labs

Advanced Care Management


Hospital Bill Erasure

We Help Employers Retain Valuable Employees

“We enable businesses to offer invaluable benefits that have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the health and financial well-being of their employees and their families. Discover how taking action now can add immense value to your most crucial asset: your dedicated workforce.”