It's Smart

Subscribe to clean solar energy in your local community solar array. Nothing is installed on your roof or property, and no maintenance required.

It's Clean

We work with your utility company to connect clean electricity technology to the grid in your area.

It Saves

You will receive credits on your utility bill each month after your array is connected to the grid.

You've probably driven by a field full of solar panels. That's a "Solar Farm". You can reduce your monthly bill and get 100% green energy by subscribing to a solar farm.
Your savings can be between 10%-25% off your bill.
Let's find a solar farm near you and figure out how much you can save - FOR FREE!!


A Legacy Business Solutions (Community Solar) farm within your utility’s service territory will produce and transmit clean power to your local electric grid. You, as a participant in the program, receive credit on your electric bill for the power produced by your system (solar panels) located within the solar farm.
Customers will save 10% on the portion of their electric bill that is offset by your solar system. In other words, if your system produces $100 in electric credits, you will only owe $90 for that portion of your bill. Your bill would be $10 less than you would have paid previous to joining the program.
Zero. There is no upfront cost to join the program. Community solar programs are designed to incentivize citizens like yourself to participate in promoting clean energy solutions, and therefore, it’s important that there is zero risk and zero cost to participate.
No. You are participating in a community solar farm that is maintained by a private company specializing in solar technology. You reap the benefits without any of the hassle of traditional rooftop solar systems.
It’s out of sight and out of mind! Many homes and businesses are not ideal for the installation of traditional rooftop solar for reasons including shading limitations, shared rooftop ownership, structural issues, accessibility for maintenance, and HOA limitations, to name a few. Because RooflessSolar is not located on your property, any electric customer – even renters – can participate. RooflessSolar is ideally sited and oriented towards the sun, ensuring optimal solar production with commercial grade equipment.
No! This is one of the many benefits of participating in Roofless Solar. Anyone with an electric bill is eligible to participate, including both homeowners and renters.