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Digital Signage for your business

Sophisticated signage solutions highlight your site, in-store promotions, menus, upcoming events, and more.

“We will be using Loop for all future locations – it is an integral part of our guest experience.”

joseph c. ragsdal, owner and svp of business development

“It’s a great partnership with Loop, as they take music as seriously as we do.”

sheena b. jacobs, music designer, yard house

“I decided to install Loop because I enjoyed the imersive and broad programming at locations.”

chris shaffer, general manager

An unlimited world of free entertainment awaits your business.

Loop is a free music video, business TV and digital signage service, fully licensed to run in your public business. Entertain your customers with our original music video, sports, lifestyle, news or kids channels.

200+ fully licensed channels

Schedule professionally curated music video channels designed for your business.

Loop Media Announces Strategic Alignment With Microsoft Advertising

August 8, 2023

Loop Media, Inc. announced today that Microsoft Advertising has created a new inventory category for SSP partnerships, called CTV Out of Home (OOH).

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Loop Media Partners With AssemblyAI To Launch Its AI-Powered Brand Safety Solution

July 25, 2023

Loop Media, a leading provider of streaming television media solutions for businesses, has introduced an advanced brand safety layer to safeguard its venue partners against unsuitable or competitive advertisements.

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Loop Media Announces Expansion into Australia and New Zealand via Strategic Partnership with Orange Door

June 22, 2023

Loop Media, Inc. and Orange Door, an established music, video and entertainment distributor in New Zealand, have announced that Loop Media has been added to Orange Door’s portfolio of offerings in New Zealand.

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digital signage, music videos, trending news, extreme sports, movie trailers, lifestyle channels, crazy fails, cash rewards, and more for your business.

over one hundred music video and audio optional channels


Yes! Loop is a free service offered by Legacy Business Solutions that provides premium entertainment for your business. The service is free, the hardware is free, and even the shipping is free. Open the box, plug and play, and free your TV screen!

Loop is supported by premium ads that run every 10 minutes on average.

Yes! Loop TV is a free service offered by Legacy Business Solutions. The service is free, the hardware is free, and even the shipping is free. Open the box, plug it in, and play. You simply need a public business to qualify.

Loop is supported by premium ads that run every 10 minutes on average. 

Loop has hundreds of on-demand channels highly curated for any business. Loop has music video channels for any mood or genre, the latest trending news, travel and lifestyle channels, sports highlights and hilarious viral video channels featuring the best fails, cutest pets, and amazing moments. With your free digital signage from Legacy Business Solutions, scheduling, and custom playlist you can curate your business experience for your customers.

No! All content on Loop is fully licensed for business venues.

Any registered business that is open to the public qualifies for a free Loop Player from Legacy Business Solutions. Each one of your public TV screens qualify! Home offices are not licensed at this time.

If you’re a DIY type of person there are short tutorials, we can provide to help you along the way, or you can simply contact Legacy Business Solutions during business hours. Feel free to reach out to our friendly team at We’re happy to help in any way!

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