Powering Small Businesses, Empowering Local Communities: The Benefits of Community Solar in Maryland

Small businesses play a crucial role in Maryland’s vibrant communities, and now, there’s an opportunity for them to lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future. Community solar in Maryland offers small businesses the chance to not only save significantly on energy costs but also to use 100% green energy and actively support local job growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore how community solar is tailor-made for small businesses, unlocking a trifecta of benefits that make it a win-win-win proposition.

Savings that Matter:

  • Every dollar counts for small businesses, and community solar in Maryland provides a golden opportunity to achieve meaningful savings on energy costs. By subscribing to a local solar farm, businesses can typically save up to 10% on their electricity bills, providing a direct and positive impact on the bottom line. These savings can be reinvested in business growth, employee benefits, or other initiatives that drive success.

100% Green Energy: A Powerful Brand Differentiator:

  • In an era where consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious, businesses that prioritize sustainability stand out. Community solar enables small businesses to power their operations with 100% green energy, showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility. This not only enhances a business’s reputation but also resonates with customers who value eco-friendly practices, potentially attracting new clientele and strengthening customer loyalty.

Local Jobs, Local Impact:

  • Community solar projects in Maryland are mandated to be built within the local utility footprint, fostering a direct and positive impact on local economies. These solar fields create jobs in construction, installation, and maintenance, providing employment opportunities for skilled workers within the community. By subscribing to a local solar project, small businesses actively contribute to the growth of local job markets, helping to build a more robust and sustainable community.

Supporting Maryland’s Clean Energy Goals:

  • Maryland has set ambitious targets for increasing the use of renewable energy, and community solar is a key player in achieving these goals. By choosing community solar, small businesses become integral partners in the state’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and build a cleaner, more resilient energy infrastructure. This not only aligns with the values of environmentally conscious consumers but also positions businesses as leaders in the state’s green energy transition.

How to Get Started:

  • Taking advantage of the benefits of community solar for your small business is a straightforward process. Contact our team today to discuss your energy needs, learn about available community solar programs, and explore how you can make the switch to 100% green energy while enjoying significant cost savings. We’ll guide you through the entire process, from subscription to reaping the rewards of sustainable and affordable energy.


Small businesses in Maryland have a unique opportunity to be pioneers in the transition to clean, sustainable energy. Community solar not only offers substantial savings on electricity bills but also allows businesses to proudly proclaim their commitment to using 100% green energy. Moreover, by supporting local solar projects, businesses actively contribute to the growth of local economies and job markets. It’s a powerful combination that benefits the business, the community, and the environment. Contact us today to embark on the journey towards a greener, more prosperous future for your small business and your community.


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